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The Fame Game

Image by imp kerr

Frank Warren of PostSecret and Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen discuss the instability of sudden Internet celebrity

Hannah Hart: I’m petrified of the future. What happened to me happened so suddenly. I wasn’t aiming for it. So, I’m scared it’s gonna disappear, I’m scared I’m gonna make the wrong choices. I’m playing in an arena I have no experience in whatsoever. I’m wary of just being the drunk girl. That’s a big fear. It’s interesting because there is something that is absolutely sacred about it to me, which is that its okay to be silly and free and have these moments. It’s unexpected truths, unexpected epiphanies. But I was in meetings with TV people in L.A. and they were like: ‘we think you should do my drunk laundry machine and my drunk pool and my drunk this and be the official drunk girl.’ And I remember being like ‘No. I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in comedy, I’m interested in truth, I’m interested in relaxation and people letting themselves go and letting their hair down a little bit because it’s a safe place to do it.’

Frank Warren: Well there’s the temptation right? You’ve got very important people whispering in your ear that they can do this or do that for you. So its easy to say okay I’ll just be quiet and follow what you’re telling me to do. And you wind up doing exactly what they want you to do and you serve their purpose but you don’t serve the value of your idea in the long run, you don’t serve your community in the long run. You don’t share that special part of yourself that only you have a chance to do in your life.
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