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"It’s not Jay or Conan. It’s Us." by David Carr. (c) January 17, 2010. The New York Times.


FROM: mike

RE: newspapers and late-night TV didn’t change, we did

as the times prepares to try yet again to cowboy its readers back in the fee-for-service corral, has sulzberger, jr. taken time to read david carr’s (excellent) column in his own newspaper? i reluctantly, stupidly paid for the times’ last foray down this trail. at that time, it lost and stopped trying to herd cats. but it didn’t refund my remaining subscription fee. i won’t forget that lesson. i’ve already stopped reading the WSJ and the WaPo, and i’m perfectly content with that state of affairs. more than content, actually. i get my news and commentary from MANY sources now, not just a department store. most content is at last free. department stores of all kinds continue to badly bleed share of market.

earth to junior.