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The idea of simulating food tells us so much about our food system and about our culture in general. When you’re simulating a food, what are the qualities to get right? This is how consumers relate to that particular food, and how we understand food: visual quality, textural quality, and so on. What does it take to “pass” as a fake food? The way that we simulate things tells us so much about how we evaluate things in the first place. There’s such an incredible level of ingenuity. Have you seen the fake eggs video? It’s an overblown story I’m sure–Chinese markets are not filled with carefully crafted fake eggs–but it’s the ingenuity. You have to kind of admire it in weird way.

- Nicola Twilley, interviewed by Adam Rothstein, “Foodland”

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    Food piracy, fake grapes and manmade eggs. A report on counterfeit, simulated food in The New Inquiry. ‘We are not...
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