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Reanimation Library Online

The Reanimation Library is a small, independent Presence Library open to the public at 143 Union St. in Brooklyn, NY. It is a collection of books that have fallen out of routine circulation and been acquired for their visual content. Outdated and discarded, they have been culled from thrift stores, stoop sales, and throw-away piles, and given new life as a resource for artists, writers, cultural archeologists, and other interested parties.

For nearly a year, The Reanimation Library has been a destination and resource to the editors of TNI (as seen in the occasional series, “Lost & Found”), which is why we are thrilled to announce its availability to all readers at  

Search the catalog for bizarre and astonishing visual finds.

Some of our favorites are:

Encyclopedia of Computers and Electronics (1983):

Introducing Hairdressing (1946):

The Wonders of Living Things (1943):

Drugs (1972):

You can browse more images here

The library continues to seek out collaborative situations with likeminded individuals and organizations. If you are interested in working with the library on a project, please contact library founder Andrew Beccone:

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Happy Browsing!

-Editors, The New Inquiry

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