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How Many Licks

By Janani Balasubramanian

What are we actually getting at when we talk about “sucking dick”?

What is a dick, who has one, and what does its sucking entail? Unpacking such questions is key to understanding the spectacle of the dick and the mouth. It is a sex act with an amended symmetry: two heads that become faceless by the nature of their encounter. They are differently faceless, differently consuming one another—one literally, through the mouth, and the other through the idea of a mouth. The cultural imaginary around dick sucking, almost more than other sex acts, has as much to do with what came before as it does with its physical presentness. It comes to us as stories, as histories, as gay-artist retrospectives, as breakfast. If there is something long, and an opening, look hard enough and eventually there is a dick and it has been sucked.

Sucking dick is imagined and reimagined as a particular set of power relations—something more extended and impactful than asskissing, perhaps. Roman poet Catullus actually usedirrumare (to force dick sucking) to describe a boss who treated others very poorly. The overquoted and over-orientalized Kama Sutra, meanwhile, has a chapter on the eight different types of “mouth congress” and then goes into a detailed account of who does and doesn’t approve of or practice the congress and its variations. There is an understanding that it’s not an act for those privileged by caste, class, and other markers of social standing. Dick sucking often gets marked as a submissive act, but a very much not passive one, and always with the impending threat of the bite. Outside of a penetration-centric framework, the mouth can actually be imagined as having a great deal of power, or at least a momentary hegemony through enclosure. The sites of giving and receiving are constantly under question. (Did I give or take head or dick or pleasure? Neither or both or all of the above?) One hears, “I want your dick in my mouth,” and also “I want you to suck me off.” A dirty mouth and a cleaned dick, the switch.

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The absence of a neocortex does not appear to preclude an organism from experiencing affective states

Triple-Decker Weekly!

Scientists have worked out that modern pop music really is louder and does all sound the same.

imp kerr, Triple-Decker Weekly

A number of shark species go in for oophagy, or uterine cannibalism.

imp kerr, Triple-Decker Weekly

One definition is that a Type III error occurs when you get the right answer to the wrong question.

imp kerr, Triple-Decker Weekly

we left los angeles sunday morning, entered palm springs around 1pm. the silence is dry in palm springs. mountains of rocks. it wasn’t very warm. the wind effortless. greetings, happy parents. and soon, under the guise of a conjecture, by way of my mother’s voice, rosa has a boyfriend, hides away, doesn’t want to make me feel single. i don’t think so. she cancelled because she’s a lunatic. i love her but she’s a lunatic. we snacked in the kitchen. i know, i am a ray of sunshine.

imp kerr, shines like gold

Life, like bowling, is full of complicating factors, unpredictable variables, plenty of times when there is no right answer.

imp kerr’s Triple-Decker Weekly

Real Rock Drummer for NON-pussy band (L.A.)
[Malcolm Gladwell,] “or the enthusiasm which takes off its coat”: History will revere Bill Gates, forget Steve Jobs.

State 1. Going with the current flow and, at the same time, be the current.
State 2. Feeling and acting like a thing.

Shines Like Gold, “Have you read Stendhal?”

State 1. Going with the current flow and, at the same time, be the current.

State 2. Feeling and acting like a thing.

Shines Like Gold, “Have you read Stendhal?”

Doug said he hated sleeping with John because his body was very hairy, and he didn’t like the way John smelled.